Why as an HR you need to have Marketing Skills

“Human Resources is not a thing we do. It’s the thing that runs our business– Steve Wynn

Young individuals these days are confused about their career path especially in case of MBA, they are often confused on what to take up as specialization whether HR, Marketing, Operations or Finance. One of the misconceptions is that Human Resource (HR) and Marketing cannot go together. Both are different sides of the management, but in reality, they are both connected.

What an HR can learn from Marketing

  1. HR and Marketing do have many things in common. Both are influenced by the motivation factor on employees. To achieve this both HR and marketing managers or executives need a pullover on human behavior and psychology. They need to understand people.
  2. STP as you all know. Segmentation is a common practice amongst Marketing professionals, but what many don’t know is, Human Resource Professionals also does this Segmentation on Employees and also candidates. For instance, the Job created for a candidate or employee may differ according to their eligibility as well qualification. HR professionals, target them by Employee value proposition and frame them on the basis of employee branding strategy. Positioning is done by analyzing how good he can be for the organization in future.
  3. Understanding your Customer. For all business and promotion understanding your customer is what that brings in revenue. This increases customer loyalty and will reduce the chance of customer attrition rate. From the Human resource perspective, employees are the customers of the firm. The retention of their efficient employees is what increases the productivity of the company. To gain this, the HR must be able to understand what their employees need and what keeps them motivated and engaged at work. This will increase loyal employees which rebrand the company itself.
  4. Negotiation skills: Marketing as well as HR requires negotiation skills in their day to day activities. For HR it is the negotiations dealt with the organization and their employee and for marketing, negotiations are between organization and customer. HRs carry outs all the major negotiations within the organization so as to help solve the issues and stop them from becoming conflicts.
  5.  Technology Updated:  There are many HR personnel who have an edge over technology and MIS. But from the outer world Marketing professionals seems to be the ones who are given access to these cutting-edge technologies to connect with their customers. HRs these days have to be updated with the same Marketing technologies used to connect with their customers and perform CSR activities. They have to connect with their employees.

These are what found to be the marketing qualities required for and HR. Human Resource is not just a team that helps in recruitment or helping in giving payroll and incentives, they are the ones who create the culture in the organization. They have to be versatile also HRs should be able to guide individuals and to do so they need to have an in-depth knowledge of everything the organization is into. One shouldn’t be limited to a single domain, information and knowledge are what that makes you stand out.

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2 thoughts on “Why as an HR you need to have Marketing Skills

  1. It is very common for students to get cosy with their specializations and miss out on the learnings you get from attending the classes from other specializations. The more skills a person has , the better he/she will be equipped to handle life’s challenges 🙂
    Good article pratmika!

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