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“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”

We have heard from our ancestors on how they grew up in simplicity without being affected by the noise of technology and gadgets. The money value was totally different. Their Experiences made their life easy than they expected. They learned how to manage and also understand the aspects of life and meaning of living. Our generation really lacks a lot of valuable things in life. Here are some things we already know but ignored most times. If we follow these, we can lead a better life.

  1. Learn from experience

    When we have a bad experience we should learn from the outcome. Think on ‘Why it turned bad’. There might be many reasons behind it, but we have to understand and analyze the situation and have the courage to face them. We should avoid repeating the same mistake again and again.

  2. Saving

    Nothing in this world will be available for free these days, even for happiness, we have to pay. We should learn from our elders on how they used to save money and even time. Learn how to improvise ourselves to not face problems in future.

  3. Never give up

    Life is a roller coaster. There will be ups and downs, but we shouldn’t give up we go through distress. We have to understand that everyone have problems. Each individual fights a story that other doesn’t know about. Maybe our issues are less as compared to others, so stay positive and everything will be back to normal a day.

  4. Be open mind

    Everyone has their own choice. We shouldn’t judge others. We should spend our time on developing ourselves than wasting our time on others. Be open-minded, don’t restrict ourselves from knowing it from someone else’s shoe.

  5. Respect others

    It is not necessary that we will be respected by everyone. But, we still need to respect others. It will create a difference somewhere. It will help us to be a better person. Our network with other will increase and we will be satisfied by ourselves.

  6. Hard work

    Wok hard for the goal you want to reach as said above. Never give up on your hard work. It will pay back one day for sure.

  7. Avoid misunderstanding

    Always try to sort out the issues between anyone or everyone. Misunderstandings are assumptions are the root cause of many major conflicts.

  8. Be thankful

    Be thankful for what we have. Many others in the world who are deprived of what you have. Many a time, whoever is thankful are the ones who get more in life, be someone who is down to earth type.

These are only a few. Try to observe things and learn from our surroundings. Life is all about how we perceive things around.

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